Juice is number One Cause of Cavities

You may not know that juice is the #1 culprit of cavities seen amongst kids dental offices.
Your child’s baby teeth are vital to a lifetime of happy smiles and healthy eating. So how do you protect that toothy grin for the future? Even if you brush your little one’s teeth twice a day (and floss at night), plenty of sipping and snacking go on in between.

Around the 6th birthday, most children lose their first tooth

Around the 6th birthday, most children lose their first tooth and this is a big deal for most children. It also means that it’s the first time the Tooth Fairy will visit. The Tooth Fairy has been a part of childhood tradition for more than a century.

Effective tips to improve your child’s dental and oral hygiene

As a parent you have so much to teach your children. It is in the early years that you set the example and help form routines that will benefit your children for the rest of their lives. An excellent dental oral hygiene routine will protect their teeth from decay and other oral problems. Here are some tips that will get your kids on the right path.

How to prepare your children for a dental treatment

Our aim is to ensure that you and your child will find the first visit and all visits to our office for dental treatment to be comfortable and rewarding as possible.

During your child’s first visit, which should occur as soon as the baby is born we expect parents to accompany their child to the dental treatment room.