The importance of the caries risk assessment

Nutrition and Dentistry go hand in hand. Here in this video Dr German Ramirez and Dr. Barry Rubinoff explain what Aurora Kids Dentistry can do for your child`s overall health.

Severe Craniofacial Pain Patient

She came to us with a sever Craniofacial pain.
From the age of 9, Haven lived on a soft diet. For four years she literally could not open her mouth to eat.
We invite you to see what happened from the first day she came to our clinic.

Juice is number One Cause of Cavities

You may not know that juice is the #1 culprit of cavities seen amongst kids dental offices.
Your child’s baby teeth are vital to a lifetime of happy smiles and healthy eating. So how do you protect that toothy grin for the future? Even if you brush your little one’s teeth twice a day (and floss at night), plenty of sipping and snacking go on in between.

Attention All Mouth Breathers!

If you’re a chronic mouth breather because of a stuffy nose, you’re not alone. As the weather chills and allergies and colds abound, and nasal congestion becomes a common trend, mouth breathing inevitably follows-especially when you’re sleeping. I’m sure you’ve seen many passengers asleep on the subways and trains, head and pitched back, mouth wide open, and snoring louder than a diesel engine.