Sedation & Sleep Dentistry

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Conscious (Mild) Sedation

While most of our patients receive dental treatment with little to no discomfort and without expressed fear, we use a wide range of behaviour guidance techniques with our sedation & sleep dentistry.

However, sometimes children experience nervousness or anxiety before undergoing dental treatment.

Conscious sedation helps in treating anxious children and children who are less compliant.

The goal of conscious sedation is to keep your child calm and relaxed.

General Anesthesia, GA (Sleep Dentistry)

During the state of deep sedation or general anesthesia, dental work can be completed with no sensation of pain, no awareness of the procedure, and no memory or recollection of the procedure. 

After we assess your child, we will only recommend GA if it is needed.

Benefits of Sedation & Sleep Dentistry:

  • Lengthy and complex procedures can be completed without any recollection.
  • Multiple procedures can be done at once.
  • Less number of appointments is required.

General Anesthesia would help patients with:

  • Special needs, including those with mental or physical disabilities.
  • Fears/phobias of the dentist in general or of specific procedures.
  •  A severe gag reflex who cannot tolerate oral procedures.

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