Nutrition for a good dental health

Nutrition for a good dental health plays a crucial role in the craniofacial growth and development in infants, as well as in the formation of their teeth.

An infant must receive all the nutrients in the food, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D and proteins, among others, to facilitate a good development of the craniofacial structures, including the teeth.

Preventing cavities starts with your child’s diet!

Keep in mind, the adult teeth start forming from birth! The baby teeth develop in the wound.

Therefore, the quality of the Mom’s diet also affects the formation of the baby’s teeth! So, good nutrition reduces the risk of tooth decay.

When considering the quality of the food an infant must receive, it is recommended to use home-made food rather than processed food.

Sugar is directly associated with cavities!

The later may be added with sugar and contains simple carbohydrates, which rapidly convert into sugar.
Remember, the amount of consumed sugars is directly associated with the risk of developing cavities in the teeth!

An important factor for tooth development and, to reduce the risk of weak enamel, is the amount of minerals contained in the infant food.
Magnesium and Vitamin D help to absorb Calcium, as well as during the mineralization of the teeth.

Then, pinto beans; navy beans; tuna; cashews and cooked green leafy vegetables which contain high levels of magnesium and cheese and egg yolks containing Vitamin D should be considered in the infant diet. In a similar way, Zinc is an important mineral for the formation of the teeth.

What should be considered in the infant diet?

Peanut butter, chickpeas, turkey and beef should also be considered as part of the infant diet.

Although breast milk gives the infant a lot of the important nutrients for the formation of the teeth, it may lack of some of those important minerals, such as iron (it reduces the risk of cavities) and, Vitamin D.

Therefore, a good balanced diet including fruits, vegetables and proteins should be considered during infancy.

If you want to learn more on the Canada Health recommendations on a balanced nutritional diet please Click this link!

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