Why does my child need dental sealants?

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Did you know that the chewing surfaces of your teeth are not flat? Your back teeth have deep grooves and pits where food can accumulate and cause cavities.

Nutrition for a good dental health

Correct nutrition plays a crucial role in the craniofacial growth and development in infants, as well as in the formation of their teeth. An infant must receive all the nutrients in the food, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D and proteins, among others, to facilitate a good development of the craniofacial structures, including the teeth.

Attention All Mouth Breathers!

If you’re a chronic mouth breather because of a stuffy nose, you’re not alone. As the weather chills and allergies and colds abound, and nasal congestion becomes a common trend, mouth breathing inevitably follows-especially when you’re sleeping. I’m sure you’ve seen many passengers asleep on the subways and trains, head and pitched back, mouth wide open, and snoring louder than a diesel engine.

Parenting in the Digital Era

No other topic in the world could raise a tsunami of opinions, judgements, beliefs and arguments as parenting. From whether or not to have a scheduled C-section, breastfeed or use pacifiers, parenting involves mental and moral acrobatics that strain the human fabric to the extreme. Add technology into the mix and we have opened Pandora’s box.

Severe Craniofacial Pain Patient

She came to us with a sever Craniofacial pain.
From the age of 9, Haven lived on a soft diet. For four years she literally could not open her mouth to eat.
We invite you to see what happened from the first day she came to our clinic.

The importance of the caries risk assessment

Nutrition and Dentistry go hand in hand. Here in this video Dr German Ramirez and Dr. Barry Rubinoff explain what Aurora Kids Dentistry can do for your child`s overall health.